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Original character

Pipin the Penguin

Pipin is a little penguin boy who is my original character.

Penguin Astronauts

🐧 + 🌠🪐👨‍🚀 = a sprinkle of adorable cosmic flavor in life

Astronauts goodies here

Eating and Drinking Penguins

Love for ramen, beer and food 🍜🍺🍻🍲

Foodie goodies here

Penguins Walking in the Space

Explore outer space 🌌💫✨

Penguins goodies here

Cute Cats Collection

Cute different cats 🐱🐈🐈‍⬛

Cats here

About Maho’s drawing

Founded in December 2021 by artist Maho, who moved from Japan to Australia in 2018.

Originally creating prints and goods featuring a variety of illustrations, Maho began drawing adorable penguin characters and Pipin in 2022.

The shop now focuses on developing a delightful world of cute and quirky penguin artworks and goodies. 🐧💫